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I am alone in front of myself....  

Only my canvases adorn the studio, they are singular and yet they all look alike. While some have the chance to cover the walls, others are abandoned and spread to the ground. They share my life, are an integral part of it, present like mistresses, at my feet, they wait for me to agree to love them, to take care of them, to give them new life. With my brush, I draw them, they fascinate me, I take care of them as I please when I feel the need, when my body the desire, the desires. Their flesh fascinates me, it inspires me, it sucks me into another world, in search of new sensations.


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Graphiste pour les auteurs Normandie Molly Dreams Villers sur mer Calvados 14 auteur écrivain il suffirait de presque rien une vie pour une rose infinie parenthèse la factory sensuel amour poésie alcoolisme maladie société différence age

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molly dreams auteure, ecrivain, normandie, villers sur mer, 14, il suffirait de presque rien, infinie parenthèse, une vie pour une rose, la factory, amour, romance, corps, femmes nu, poemes, poesie, la belle et la bete, disney, andy warhol, comète, alcool, alcoolisme, extraits, roman, maladie, obstacle, deuil


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