Who am I ?

I am a young woman of 29 years old, born under the sign of Gemini, and I do not believe in chance, for me, this sign is at the birth of everything, of everything I am today. I am passionate about everything: cinema, painting, drawing, photography, writing... and it is about the latter that I would like to talk to you about.


Passionate about writing since childhood, I took refuge in silence, feeling overwhelmed by feelings that I could not understand and express myself. It took me many years to take charge of my destiny and it was in 2014 that I decided to practice my art in broad daylight and publish my very first book through the self-publishing platform "Bookelis". Stronger than therapy, this first book was for me a revelation, a rebirth and later two other books joined this first one.


Over time and through writing, I have found my universe, a style that my readers call night blue, poetic, sliced and sensual. In my books I deal with various themes, each one more sensitive than the next; social phenomena, trials, difference, human relations....



What I love...


  • Ghost

  • Alabama Monroe

  • Walk the line

  • Mon Roi

  • Le temps qui reste

  • L’étrange histoire de Benjamin Button

  • American Beauty

  • Jeune et Jolie

  • Le refuge

  • The Danih Girl

  • PS I love you

  • Rencontre avec Joe Black

  • One last Dance

  • Dirty Dancing


  • Le temps des cerises (Thierry Calmettes)

  • J’étais la avant (Katherine Pancol)

  • La mécanique du cœur (Mathias Malzieu)

  • Maintenant qu’il fait tout le temps nuit sans toi (Mathias Malzieu)

  • Pars avec lui (Agnès Ledig)

  • Monsieur (Emma Becker)

  • Alice (Emma Becker)

  • The time of my life (Patrick Swayze & Lisa Niemi)

  • Hell (Lolita Pille)

  • L’ange aux ailes de cristal (Dominique Rebourg)

  • Un tout petit rien (Camille Anseaume)

Inspiring personalities

  • Andy Warhol

  • François Ozon

  • Fabrice Luchini

  • Patrick Swayze

  • Emma Becker

  • Christophe Honoré


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